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whatsapp in Jio phone
whatsapp in Jio phone

Reliance Jio said they have given WhatsApp in jio phone 2 and it will get into the jio store if you know how to download WhatsApp in jio phone read this. Finally, jio started WhatsApp in all jio phone and here we are going to gives some of the easy steps to download and install WhatsApp in jio phone.

WhatsApp in jio phone

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  • Steps to Download WhatsApp in jio phone
  • Jio phone WhatsApp new update


Jio phone WhatsApp new update

Ambani has said that he will be releasing the Jio phone 3 a few weeks ago on the official website of Jio Telecom, that will provide WhatsApp in all Jio phones. According to the WhatsApp for Jio phones, as he said during the live session WhatsApp going to very available soon and every Jio phone users can use it.

Here are some of the latest Whatsapp version for Jio Phone:

Click here to View more version of WhatsApp for Jio Phone 2

Steps to Download WhatsApp in jio phone 

  • Jio said that you can download Latest WhatsApp on the phone Directly from the store. You can go to Jio’s App Store and download it but it is available after July 2019, WhatsApp is not available in the store completely. Click here to Download Manually
  • What is lacking in Jio WhatsApp is that Direct WhatsApp cannot make voice calls or video calls.
  • KiOS WhatsApp needs to be created differently because WhatsApp is not easily operated on Android or IOS, but it is first created on the keypad, making it completely human-friendly and not necessary for a few years.
  • you need to verify your mobile number even before installing WhatsApp on your mobile.
  • If there are any problems in Jio please call the 1991 number.
  • WhatsApp is so secure that your messages will not be read by the WhatsApp company, as the messages you do will be fully encrypted from beginning to end ie full secure.
  • you can just record and send your voice in Jio WhatsApp.
  • the same features can be seen in the same way as running WhatsApp on a smartphone, even on KiOS.
  • Reliance Ownership Jio Company has launched a number of tests to make this WhatsApp and how many experiments have been launched in June.


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