Jio Gigafiber Broadband plans 2019 – Get speeds up to 1000 Mbps‎

In the Last few months, Jio gigafiber broadband testing will be held in selected cities in the country. Mukesh Ambani announced that  Jio fiber Broadband services will start in phases. Jio had not shared the exact date till now but from various sources, jio Giga fiber broadband will be going to launched till the mid of 2019. In the first phase, Jio Giga fiber Broadband service will be launched in 29 cities.

After that Within a month’s jio broadband plans, the service will be available at a speed of 600 Mbps. Presenting a project offering 100 GB data for three months under the preview offer. There are three different types of tariffs that offer jio gigafiber Broadband, such as Special Plan, Speed Based Plan, Customer’s Unlimited Plan. The Basic plan for jio broadband starts at the lowest cost of Rs 500. Which offers a validity up to 30-day and the service will receive 300 GB of data at 50MB per second, which was unofficially reported by a tech news website.

Similarly, other jio Giga fiber broadband plans like Rs 750 and Rs 999 will be available in 450 GB and 600GB data respectively with the same validity period i.e, 30-days. Rs 999 worth Rs 100 MB per second. Also, it will have plans like Rs 1299 and Rs 1500. Rs 2,000, Rs 3500 and Rs 4,000 will get 100MB, 200 MB, 400MB speed per second. The Rs 5500 plan is expected to receive 300 MB data per second with 600 MB per second.

Features of jio gigafiber Broadband Plans 2019

High Internet speed

when we are talking about broadband, the first thing that comes in our mind is speed. Just because of high Internet speed of jio broadband jio users can download movies very quickly with 100mbps speed. By this service people don’t have to face any issue in buffering while watching online series, watching live etc. For more click here

High Downloading speed

If the Downloading speed is weak or low then nobody wants to purchase a broadband plan. This is the thing that jio industries keep in mind and providing a speed of 1Gbps in their jio gigafiber broadband plans 2019. Users can download movies very quickly form this broadband and it required only 20 seconds.

Multiple device connectivity

Multiple device connectivity gives access to people so that they can share the internet with their friends and family. This feature is very helpful for jio users to connect multiple devices like laptop, phone, desktop, t.v etc. The speed of Giga fiber broadband does not depend on the number of devices are connected, the speed of the broadband will remain constant. No doubt it will not give that much speed but speed will be constant.

Great and Unlimited Offers

Jio always provides great offers for their provider so similar in case of jio gigafiber users jio offer a 500rs basic plan with higher speed and in coming more days we are going to get great and unlimited offers on jio gigafiber broadband plans.

Easy Installation

The best and most important features that are provided by Reliance jio Industries for gigafiber broadband is an easy installation. In case of installation you only have to register on the official website of jio then the technical team will come up to your address to set up all the installation.

Jio Gigafiber broadband plans 2019

Jio fiber broadband plans are basically divided into 3 categories depending upon the prices, speed and volume. Jio user can choose any of the options depending upon their usage, if you want a higher speed then you can opt for higher speed broadband plans. If you want an affordable plan then you can go for best jio fiber price-based plans and at last, if you want to go for volume means maximum data then you can opt for jio fiber volume based plans. let discuss all of them in details:

Jio Fiber Price Based Plans:

500Rs Plan: This is the basic plan of jio fiber broadband. In this plan, you will get an average speed of 50mb/s with an average monthly limit that is 300GB with a validity of 30 days.

750rs Plan: This is the second average plan. In this plan, you will get the same speed of 50mb/s with a more data limit. You will get 50mbps speed with a 450 of data limit which was applicable for 30days of validity only.

999rs Plan: This is the medium plan where you will get great speed as well as great data limit. In this plan, you will get a speed of 100mbps and 600Gb data limit with a validity of 30 days.

1299rs Plan: This is the second highest plan in which you will get the same speed as of 999rs plan but the data limit will be increased. You will get 750Gb of data limit with 100mbps speed up to 30 days of validity.

1500rs Plan: This is the highest or the last plan which was offering by jio. In this plan, you will get the same speed as of 999rs plan or 1299rs plan but the limit of data will be increased. You will get 900Gb of data with the 100mbps speed with the validity of 30 days.

Jio Fiber Speed Based Plans:

50Mbps Plan: According to Speed based plan 50mbps is the basic plan with the lowest price of 1500rs you will get 2000Gb for 1 month. This plan basically used for gaming, live match, series etc.

100mbps Plan: This the average plan and the 2 highest plan in which you will get a data limit of 1000Gb with 100mbps for 1 month. In this plan, you will not able to see any kind of buffering while watching online T.v or gaming etc.

200Mbps Plan: This is the medium plan where you will get less data limit as compared to above two plans but it offers higher speed up to 200Mbps with 750Gb of data limit for 1 month.

400Mbps Plan: This plan is basically for the larger organisation where the speed is up to 400mbps but you will get less data limit. In this plan, you will get 500Gb of data for 1 month.

600Mbps Plan: This plan is for the largest organisation where you can connect multiple devices easily without any speed issue. No doubt, you will get a less number of data limit in this plan but the speed you will get is up to 600mbps with 300gb of data for 1 month.

Jio fiber volume based plans:

5GB per day Plan: The jio gigafiber volume based plan is started from the basic plan of 5Gb per day plan. This plan is basically used for home users where they have to just watched movies or series. Then this plan is best for you. You will get 5GB internet after the 100% usage you will get unlimited data with the lowest speed for 30 days at only rs1000.

10Gb per day Plan: This is the second plan in which you will get 10Gb of internet per day with unlimited speed for 30 days only 2000Rs. You will get the unlimited speed up to 10Gb after that your speed is reduced to 120kb/s to 150kb/s.

20Gb per day Plan: this is an average plan based on volume. In this plan, you will get 20Gb of data for daily usage with unlimited speed up to 20Gb for 30 days at rs3000.

40GB per day Plan: This is the highest plan based on volume in which, you will get 40Gb per day of data with unlimited speed for 1 month at only rs 4000rs.

60Gb per day Plan: This is the last plan or the highest plan in which you will get 60gb of daily data with unlimited speed for 1 month at Rs 5500 only. This plan is basically opted by a large organisation.

This Jio Gigafiber plan is also known as jio gigafiber fibre to the home broadband service (FTTH).

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